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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Film: Arrow and Oil

Lanyue Zhang

Film: Arrow and Oil
Composer: George Oldziey
Logline: Around 1010 A.D. during the Northern Song Dynasty, Chen YaoZi, a civil officer from the imperial court with superb archery skills starts questioning the relationship between his archery and his work after he meets an old oil seller.

What has it been like to work with your composer?

We did a spotting session at our first meeting, and I gave George some references. He did two versions of music, then my co-director (Majik Jingwei Zhou) and I gave him some notes. He changed some parts, and although we had some different ideas, we accepted each other idea in the end.

What have you learned in this process? 

We learned how to communicate with our composer. To make sure our composer can get our story, we let him watch our film and talk about his first idea, then we explained our story and the metaphor in our film. I learned communication is very important in this process. On the other hand, because this is a festival event, we didn’t hire him as our composer. Our collaboration is not like the normal process between director and composer, so we gave George more freedom to do the music.

What are you specifically looking forward to in the live screening?  

We are looking forward to bringing our crew to the festival, and also we are looking forward to the live performances.

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