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Friday, May 13, 2016

Kemetic yoga ona hawk

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The Studio | Firehawk Yoga

Firehawk Yoga

Kemetic Yoga @ Firehawk

Firehawk Yoga is a studio dedicated to the practice, philosophy, and tradition of Kemetic Yoga. Join instructor Ona Hawk to learn how this ancient African healing system restores balance, harmony and order into your life for optimum wellness.

The Studio
Welcome to Firehawk Yoga!
This is a studio in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in the YogaSkills™ Method of authentic Kemetic Yoga and is dedicated to the sharing, learning and love of Yoga. Located in the historic district of the West End, we strive to make this ancient African system of self-healing, self-realization and self-actualization accessible and understandable to it’s local community and the greater metro area.
Kemetic Yoga is a totally restorative practice that promotes the philosophy and spiritual science of our ancestors. This system of higher knowledge that originates from Kemet (Ancient Egypt) is unique in its postures, principles and its method which incorporates the breath with movement for a safe, regenerative and healing practice, making it usable with any other yoga system. With emphasis on control of the breath and an understanding of the flow of energy through one’s body and geometrically progressive movements, Kemetic Yoga is the means to achieving a state of balance, harmony, order and justice called Maat. Firehawk Yoga does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion or belief system, pregnancy, age or size. Modifications may be made for injuries and disabilities so that all bodies can participate.
This warm and comfortable studio space with ceilings to the sky, with sky-lights and windows that spill natural light into it is the perfect place to relax the mind and body to experience the spritual growth that awaits. Small group classes ensure attention can be paid to the body’s alignment and all-around comfort. Let the professional and careful instruction at Firehawk show you the path to achieving total self-development with the breath, meditation and movement. The studio shares space with N’Golo Atlanta, the city’s only authentic Capoeira Angola training facility and Roots Raw Kitchen which serves live food education, and keeps its library of conscious books and dvds open to encourage the learning.
Firehawk Yoga offers weekly group classes, private group or one-on-one and consultations. In addition to its regularly scheduled classes, the studio also offers a variety of workshops includin, Kemetic Yoga for Strength, Children’s Kemetic Yoga, Restorative, Meditation & YogaSkills Power Method (advanced).
We are located in the Metropolitan Arts & Business District in the heart of Atlanta’s historic West End, a 5 minute walk from the West End MARTA

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Ona Hawk | Firehawk Yoga

Ona Hawk

Ona Hawk is a certified Kemetic Yoga teacher registered with YOga Alliance, the nation’s accrediting organization. She is the sole founder, owner and instructor of Firehawk Yoga. She is also a vegan live food chef and educator at Roots Raw Kitchen. Together her passion for holistic health and live food education, and training in the African martial art of Capoeira Angola make her practice and teaching true examples of the holistic nature of Yoga. Her experience includes her 200 hour certification training with Master Yorser Ra Hotep, hosting consecutive annual Kemetic Yoga certification courses in Atlanta, leading a master workshop at the first annual Soul Yoga Fest in Chicago and assisting the master at the certification courses in Atlanta and Jamaica. Ona strive to continue bringing the light of Kemetic Yoga forth to her community and abroad. Through her dedication, she upholds the philosophy, history and techniques built on ancient African sciences that instill knowledge of self. In the words of Yirser Ra Hotep, “She takes to heart her instruction and ractices as it was intended. Therefore she is on her way to mastering this system.”

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