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Monday, May 16, 2016

Ivorian Archer Philippe Kousassi

   Recurve Men   Rene Philippe KOUASSI (CIV) It’s my first World Cup event. I’m happy to be here, it’s a good experience. I just hope to find a coach and better archery equipment that I wouldn’t have to pay for myself… I would like to thank the president of Kaya who donated a bow. I hope that Easton will sponsor me with good arrows so that I can go on improving.   Following the African Championships and Continental Qualifying Tournament, I started training six hours a day. My qualification to the London Olympic Games is a major feat for Ivory Coast and for myself. Because of that I decided to make professional and personal sacrifices. It’s not easy because I have a family, but from a sports point of view it has borne fruit; I moved from the 113th rank in qualifications at the Turin World Championships to the 76th rank here at the Antalya World Cup and I improved my
personal best from 628 to 646 points in less than a year.http://www.slateafrique.com/91211/rene-philippe-kouassi-champion-africain-du-tir-a-l-arc

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