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Monday, April 18, 2016

Iris Ng is recognized as a versatile cinematographer, who lends her patience, creativity, intuition, and skill to bring a director’s vision to the screen. For over a decade, Iris has collaborated with award-winning directors Sarah Polley, Min Sook Lee, Fredrik Gertten, Vikram Jayanti, Angad Bhalla, Liz Marshall, and Rama Rau on a variety of documentaries while shooting a wide variety of films for artists such as Chris Curreri, Oliver Husain, Annie MacDonnell, Jean-Paul Kelly, and Luis Jacob.
Iris grew up in Toronto, intrigued at an early age by the photos and Super 8 movies that were created and preserved by the image-makers in her family. That discovery – that it is possible to capture the essence of a moment – has become a lifelong influence in her creative work.
After obtaining her BFA in Film Production from York University, she has honed her craft shooting over sixty projects in many facets of the industry, from narrative, art and documentary films to commercials, music videos and episodic television. In the process, she has had the opportunity to work in Asia, Africa, Europe, and across North America.
Iris brings a visual arts background to the projects she works on – which allows her to approach the work abstractly and conceptually, before tapping into the technical skills required to bring a director’s vision to screen. Iris is known for her intuition and patience balanced by strong technique.
She is equally comfortable working in the latest digital formats as well as 35mm, 16mm and Super 8 film, according to the needs of the story or concept. While her work has been screened in festivals and installations around the world, Iris’ goal continues to be to capture the essence of the moment in the medium, regardless of the size of the project.
“Iris Ng’s airy, soft-hued lensing (no-nonsense digital for the interview sequences, elegantly bleached Super 8 for the reconstructions) lend[s] the proceedings a wintry grace.”
Stories We Tell, August 30, 2012, Variety, by Guy Lodge
“Polley’s overall vision and concept…ultimately prove sufficiently strong to support the considerable degrees of ambiguity which she riskily deploys. This is also in no small part due to the outstanding technical assistance she receives from offscreen collaborators including cinematographer Iris Ng”.
Stories We Tell: Venice Review, August 30, 2012, The Hollywood Reporter, by Neil Young
“The top-drawer cinematography by Bhalla and Iris Ng is full of superlative compositions and a magnificent, deft use of light.”
Herman’s House - Hot Docs 2012 Must See #1, April 16, 2012, Greg Klymkiw’s Film Corner
“Stories We Tell takes cinematic risks that pay off tremendously in both execution partnered with Iris Ng’s stunning cinematography. This is one of the best things that the movies have offered this year.”
Sarah Polley’s touching documentary wallows in greatness…, May 9, 2013, Awards Circuit, by Clayton Davis
“Polley’s ally in this legerdemain is her brilliant DP Iris Ng.”
Film Review: Stories We Tell, May 10, 2013, Film Journal International, by Erica Abeel
“the divergent techniques and approaches to composition that went into making Stories We Tell ultimately converge into a compelling film, and Polley’s faith in Ng’s instincts and judgment went a long way to bringing together the final product.”
Iris Ng Telling Sarah Polley’s Stories, April, 2013, Canadian Cinematographer, by Fanen Chiahemen

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