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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Tapestry Process

Line Drawing

The creation process of a tapestry can last from 3 weeks to many months, depending on the complexity and size of each piece. At the Maximo Laura Studio, the process begins with the creation of  line drawing of the work by Maximo Laura on a small size sheet of paper. The drawing will then be painted by Laura, first manually and then with a computer as seen below.

Maximo Laura Drawing for a tapestry Line Drawing
Tapestry-making requires a progressive, slow and irreversible system of work that allows for the miniscule, patient and intimate meeting of technical and visual solutions – Maximo Laura

Painting for Tapestry by Maximo Laura Painted Drawing 

Interpretation of Color

Once the line drawing and colored image are ready, the design will go to the Color Laboratory where a specialist will hand-blend the colors to create what Mr. Laura calls “butterflies” of yarn, which will be the yarn used to weave the tapestry.
Each “butterfly” is created by hand-mixing single or multiple solid color threads to match the required tones of a tapestry, creating the bright and vibrant color combinations and tones for which Maximo Laura is known for. This special process is also the reason why if one sees an specific point in a Maximo Laura Tapestry, one will always find a variety of colors in a very small space, making it very hard to find solid colors within the piece.


The small line drawing is then drawn to the scale of the tapestry, creating what is known as the “cartoon”. The cartoon will be transferred to the cotton warp threads on the loom to guide the weaver. The cartoon also specifies the sections of the tapestry where different textures and techniques will be included.

Weaving Process

After the cartoon and colors have been interpreted and selected, a weaver from Laura’s workshop, who has been personally taught by Laura, will undertake the weaving process. Row by row, the colors and textures emerge into images under the careful supervision of Maximo Laura.

Stretching and Cleaning

On its final and finishing stages, the tapestry will be cleaned, stretched and a Certificate of Authenticity will be stitched onto the back of the tapestry and signed by Laura.
Hand Woven Tapestry by Maximo Laura
Completed Tapestry

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