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Sunday, December 9, 2012

anya ayoung-chee fashion designer advice

I am so committed to the arts because the arts is a vehicle for self expression, self identification, self esteem, all of these things.  You may or may not want to become the Kes or Elle but the opportunity to know you have a voice and its valid and you can shout it loud, it is such and important lesson to learn, especially at an early age.

I 've reconciled so much within myself that people's opinions are their opinions and everyone's entitled to it but I'm happy their opinion is what it is now.

I've learn a lot about human nature and that we very naturally respond to what is in our face.

I think everything in life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you.  So in that vein, when you look at every experience as a lesson, then you are never the victim and you are always in a position to learn and that's a very powerful place to be.

One thing I always say, risk being yourself fully.  There is something very simple about that yet very challenging.  It is sort of having this home to go back to within yourself.  Come hell or high water, as I am testimony to, there is only one way to be really be successful and that is to only be yourself.

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